Things To Do nearby Magnuson Hotel Lake Erie Sandusky

When you choose to stay at our smart selection of hotels on Lake Erie Sandusky Ohio, Lake Erie is a primary attraction. We’re also the right Sandusky hotel near Cedar Park Amusement Park and its water park as well as a good budget hotel near Sandusky Maritime Museum. Other attractions nearby include popular Firelands Winery with tasting room and the fun and unique Merry-Go-Round Museum, among many other points of interest. And that just scratches the surface. You and your traveling companions will find plenty to do and lots to see when you stay in excellent comfort where your business is truly valued.

Local Attractions

  • Cedar Point
  • Sawmill Creek Golf Club
  • Lagoon Deer Park
  • Sandusky Maritime Museum
  • Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve
  • Ghostly Manor Thrill Center